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Folk Games Festival in Shkoder, Albania (Photo: courtesy of the Door)

Local celebrations are a series of common themed events that are organized at periodic intervals. Local festivals, initiated and managed by local organizers, are deeply embedded in the culture of a community and as a result they create and recreate their stories, generating values and habits in that community. Well-planned festivals and events offer a myriad of economic and social benefits. The tourism of festivals and events is considered one of the fastest growing forms of tourism, becoming popular in rural areas as a means to regenerate local economies. …

In the photo: Partial view of the Koman Lake, from Qafa e Erës (Col of Wind) (1400 m) to Cukali Mountain (Courtesy of: Eltjana Shkreli)

There is a line in the horizon that dissolves in between the sky and the earth and which extends in the directions of infinity. Its colour is as indefinable as the boundary of the space joined by its collision.

This line can be between seas, mountains or between fields and the sky.

There is one other line, that of lakes and rivers, which throughout millions of years have provided the existence of human beings with inexhaustible generosity. This line is yet another fusion of colours between blue and green to create life.

There are also some lines, small and therefore…


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